Friday, April 15, 2016

Dairy of a Lunatic

¤ Awake!
¤ Pray, "Dear heavenly Father, thanks for EVERYTHING, I'm broken, forgive me, I LOVE AND HONOR YOU."
¤ Recite:
"We Become What We Think"
"We Are What We Eat"
"Eat Real Living Food"
¤ Dream goal on a note card in the pocket
¤ Let the dogs out and take a 3-mile walk with the Greatest Treasure of all at 6am
¤ Drink water
¤ Take a shower and dress like you own the place.
¤ Read, "Faith Alone" by Martin Luther
¤ Pack a lunch (70% Saturated Fat, 10% Carbohydrate, 20% Protein) 
¤ Listen to Audiobook during the commute to work from 8:10-30
¤ Arrive to work, read "The Imitation of Christ"
¤ Read, "10 Things You Need To Know Today"
¤ Work (drink water)
¤ Break your Intermittent Fast start eating at 12 or 1pm depending on when you last ate at 8pm or 9pm.
¤ Work
¤ Listen to an Audiobook on the commute home
¤ Walk to dinner 1.5 miles away
¤ Enjoy dinner at the Jade Grill. 
¤ Walk 1.5 miles home
¤ 20 pushups, 50 sit ups, 10 pull-ups
¤ Drink water
¤ Enjoy the Garden of Eden for 20 minutes
¤ Stop eating at 8 or by 9pm
¤ Turn on the Sauna
Take a shower
¤ Brush, floss, soft pick, my teeth, gargle
¤ Lay out clothes for tomorrow 

¤ Read a Proverb chapter
¤ Go to sleep