Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Anniversary Corinne!

It has been an honor being married to Corinne during these very difficult circumstances over the past year. She has maintained magnificent emotional strength. I am inspired by her integrity. Nothing has had a greater, longer lasting impression upon myself than the awareness that Corinne has transcended suffering, transcended circumstances, and is embodying and expressing values that inspire, ennoble, and lift up my life. If you have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Corinne, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm honored to be her husband and am dedicated to continuing to take care of one of the greatest treasures man can ever know. I love you Corinne, Happy 3rd Anniversary! -Ed

Friday, April 15, 2016

Dairy of a Lunatic

¤ Awake!
¤ Pray, "Dear heavenly Father, thanks for EVERYTHING, I'm broken, forgive me, I LOVE AND HONOR YOU."
¤ Recite:
"We Become What We Think"
"We Are What We Eat"
"Eat Real Living Food"
¤ Dream goal on a note card in the pocket
¤ Let the dogs out and take a 3-mile walk with the Greatest Treasure of all at 6am
¤ Drink water
¤ Take a shower and dress like you own the place.
¤ Read, "Faith Alone" by Martin Luther
¤ Pack a lunch (70% Saturated Fat, 10% Carbohydrate, 20% Protein) 
¤ Listen to Audiobook during the commute to work from 8:10-30
¤ Arrive to work, read "The Imitation of Christ"
¤ Read, "10 Things You Need To Know Today"
¤ Work (drink water)
¤ Break your Intermittent Fast start eating at 12 or 1pm depending on when you last ate at 8pm or 9pm.
¤ Work
¤ Listen to an Audiobook on the commute home
¤ Walk to dinner 1.5 miles away
¤ Enjoy dinner at the Jade Grill. 
¤ Walk 1.5 miles home
¤ 20 pushups, 50 sit ups, 10 pull-ups
¤ Drink water
¤ Enjoy the Garden of Eden for 20 minutes
¤ Stop eating at 8 or by 9pm
¤ Turn on the Sauna
Take a shower
¤ Brush, floss, soft pick, my teeth, gargle
¤ Lay out clothes for tomorrow 

¤ Read a Proverb chapter
¤ Go to sleep