Monday, September 1, 2014


We recently bought two fitbit pedometers, one for each of us. Its amazing what a little pedometer can do to your lives.
We finally figured what works for us. For the spring/summer/fall months Corinne set a goal of walking 20k steps a day and I set mine at 15k steps. I have a slightly larger stride so naturally I don't get as many steps as she does when we walk the same distance together. We are also attempting to walk together everyday at 6am no matter what. Truthfully this has been very difficult to maintain during the winter months due to sickness and days where the weather is terrible like 34 and raining. Why can't it just snow then! Anyway we're serious no matter what we are trying to walk everyday at 6am. 

Moderate exercise is the way to go! We have never been more healthier in our lives, walking is the key. walk as much as you can. Walking gives you time to reflect, time to enjoy God's creation, time for communication with God and Spouse. it removes all distractions and creates time for the Lord and your wife. the two most important treasures in every married man's life. God and your spouse. 

Ed speaking: Walk with your wife as much as possible! I'm sorry but if you don't enjoy doing the same kinds of activities together you really don't belong together. You are one flesh when you get married! I walk golf courses with my wife. We don't keep score we walk and golf. I play tennis with my wife. I go bowling with my wife. I'm in a band with my wife, we write music together. We sing together, we do everything together. We get jealous if we choose something or somebody else. Its like the relationship with God that we are supposed to have we are to be with them and constantly glorifying them. I never get sick of her, I never avoid her even when we are fighting because I said or did something stupid I cherish her and want her to always forgive me. I ask God to help me with that and he helps me get in good standing with her. He takes care of my number two! You have to go to number one to get help with number 2!